Rehab and retraining in early postpartum recovery

Young mother holding crying newborn baby at home

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Disclaimer: Every woman and pregnancy is different. Always consult with your healthcare provider before returning to any type of physical activity postpartum.

Rest, recovery, taking care of your baby and yourself will always be the most important part of this time in your life. There is no perfect timeline for recovery and, everyone has their own experience. All exercises done during this time should help facilitate healing and should not be any more taxing than your daily activities.

During the first six weeks postpartum, the exercise goals during this time should be to; improve pelvic floor muscle activation, practice contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, learn optimal breathing patterns, and start a gentle walking routine. 

Just because you could do something before birth doesn’t exactly mean you can do it in the same way after. Take walking, for example; you might have been able to walk 30-45 minutes without a problem. However, your body has undergone a huge transition, so give it a little grace and start slow. Starting with a 10-15 minute walk and then slowly increasing as time goes on is a safe way to start.

Overall, remember that you will have time to reach your goals after pregnancy. Allowing your body to heal will only aid in achieving the things you want. For more information on early postpartum training, reach out to one of our pre and postnatal certified coaches.

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