Our story

We had
a mission

In 2012 we had a simple mission to create small businesses that helped Kauai residents feel healthy and happy. We saw a clear need for well-equipped fitness centers with qualified trainers and instructors to help guide residents on their fitness journey.

Closeup of woman holding water bottle with Kilauea Phys Ed logon

We saw an opportunity

We believed the community on both shores of Kauai deserved a facility close to home, particularly on the North Shore. When the right opportunity came along, we decided to add Kilauea Phys Ed to the Kauai Athletic Club family so that we may all live fit for life.

Our values


Kilauea Phys Ed is a community gathering place rooted in Aloha, where all are welcome regardless of fitness goals or experience.

Woman walking on a treadmill inside a large fitness facility

Our values


Kilauea Phys Ed provides clean, safe fitness facilities fully equipped with the entire community’s needs in mind at an accessible price.

Our values


Every staff member on the Kilauea Phys Ed team is an expert. Our professional trainers provide individually curated programs and motivational coaching that achieves sustainable results. 

Become a member. Build your strength. Find your community.